Our Solution

Adepto’s technology enables your organisation to build a community of workers – all workers – internal full-time employees, gig workers, vendors and everything in-between. Each worker has access to a system that allows a hiring manager, recruiter, or procurer to, with just a few clicks, find the best people for a project, across the entire company, regardless of where they are today or how they’ll be hired, saving time as well as significant cost savings created by direct lines to the workers. And once people for the project are found and that work is complete, the information you’ve gathered is there for the next project, and the next…

Our platform also enables organisations and workers to connect around the world and find experts for what the business requires. For example, perhaps you’re a non-profit or education system and want to aid your people in more easily getting research completed, help students find work placement or assist in fundraising, disaster relief or care provision on a global scale. The Adepto ecosystem creates one, complete, flexible network where people can invite, and categorise, internal and external resources or individuals within the network.

Adepto allows you to create these private networks quickly, unlocking all resources, enabling collaboration and building a more engaged global, on-demand workforce.

The Adepto Platform

Adepto’s flexible, configurable solution enables total talent management putting all your people, in one place. We’re a cloud-based business technology tool that lets any organisation build talent pools proactively to identify all your people, reducing time to hire. Workers get a profile they maintain and can update anytime and you’re able to communicate with those workers building your extended workforce community.

Configurable Sign-Up Wizard

Organisations can manage their worker sign-up process through Adepto’s configurable sign up wizard.

Bespoke Search and Profile Views

Managers can use Adepto’s bespoke search to identify potential candidates for an upcoming project based upon work history, relationships, skills, work preferences and everything else you can imagine.

Live, customisable profile. No silo'ed data

Users own and control their profile, enabling them to add previous work experience, educational history, goals and aspirations as well as setting their work preferences and availability

Talent Pools

Managers and recruiters can group candidates into talent pools if they believe
the candidate has the potential to be a fit for a future role for quick reference..