What’s New | A look behind the new Adepto brand


You may have recently noticed that Adepto has a brand new look – with a snazzy new website and a revamp of our logo and brand colours. We’re really excited about it and we hope you like the new look. And we wanted to explain why we made the change. Because our new branding is as much about you as it is us.


Why Adepto got a new look

First things first, we decided the brand needed a refresh because Adepto has evolved. Back in our early days as a contractor platform, we picked out the classic Adepto triangles and orange colour that you’ve become used to. But we offer so much more than that now. We’re a market leader for Total Talent and really defining the sector, so we needed a new look that would reflect this. Because our offering had evolved, we figured that a revamp was long overdue.

The thinking behind our logo

The new Adepto logo helps us to demonstrate our ethos. It shows that there is an ecosystem both within and around Adepto. The three triangles coming together can represent different organisations with a worker in the centre. Alternatively, it represents the convergence of VMS, ATS and HCM.

Of course, our name stuck – Adepto, which is Latin for ‘to obtain or acquire’. This is because we’re still about helping organisations with obtaining the right skills to get work done.

An identity that grows with us

However, our rebrand also considers our growth – as well as the increasing industry and our roster of clients. Our expanded colour palette mirrors the expansion of our services to encompass Total Talent. But we stuck with orange as our key theme, because orange is a colour that symbolises education. Something we feel passionately about at Adepto and that ties in closely with our SaaS platform: continuous development and up-skilling. Our extra colours will help up differentiate the many facets of our product.

The team behind the brand

To create Adepto’s new brand identity, our internal team worked hard to come up with ideas, researching how we could set Adepto apart in the market.

We wanted a look that cemented us as leaders and made us instantly recognisable as the category creator. Our brand identity also had to be highly visual and able to scale as the company grows. We have ambitious global growth plans and our brand needs to keep up with us! Importantly, we wanted the brand to feel like a technology company but also build in credibility with companies that are exploring the innovative Total Talent sector.

Adepto’s team then worked with Article Ten, a London based agency who helped to refine our vision and produce the visuals that you now see whenever you interact with Adepto.

You’re going to see Adepto everywhere

You’re going to see our new brand everywhere. From our sales and marketing collateral to our product strategy. For example, within Adepto’s product, you can see one triangle representing jobs, another for data and skills, and another for enterprise readiness.

But we’re not going to stop there. After all, we love continuous improvement. So you’ll see the brand continue to evolve as we think about additional products and services to add to Adepto’s platform.

By: Vicky Holdsworth, VP of Marketing & Partnerships

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