What’s New | Adepto Roundup – January 2019

January flew by in the Adepto world – it was a huge start to the year for us! We’re making sure we’re sticking to our resolutions; one of which is to keep everyone better updated with a monthly blog. So, here it is, our first ever Adepto Roundup! This is where we’re going to look back and share our highlights of each month with you…

Let’s get started!

We got a fresh new look…

To keep up with our expanding team and ever improving product, we thought it was about time to give ourselves a rebrand. This involved totally revamping our website – we’re very excited that it’s now out there for the world to see! The rebranding process has taken months of diagram doodling, copy, coding and coffee consuming but we’re pleased to say, the hard work is (mostly!) done. This freshen up has given us a whole new lease of life. Our mission and values are still the same but they’re now teamed with a progressive, dynamic feel to match. We are loving our extra colourful vibe as well – we hope you do too! 


Welcome to New York!

We saw our capabilities expand west with the addition of our new Director of Enterprise Sales (hello, Antonio Pastor!) in New York which means we now have offices spanning over three continents. This is just the start though, we’re planning on rapidly expanding our teams this year, not only New York but also in London and Brisbane.

Our new partnership with CXC

We proudly announced that we will now provide our Total Talent technology to CXC Global clients through our new strategic partnership. 

Which leads nicely onto our next highlight…

Why partnerships are paramount

Our CEO, Chris Milligan, wrote an article for Inside Small Business. It’s all about why he believes partnerships in business are so important and how they ignited Adepto’s potential to go global.

“Life as a start-up founder can be tough, especially when it comes to gaining credibility and influential contacts in your industry. I’ve discovered that the best way of gaining both is through a partnership.”

Prepare for Total Talent

Adepto is the go-to Total Talent platform, and in his latest article for TLNT, our CEO, Chris Milligandiscusses how this innovative concept can lead businesses into the future of work. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of #TotalTalent this year…

“Engaging with your Total Talent makes good business sense. For instance, if a talented worker decides to take a sabbatical, you risk losing their vital experience and skills if you fail to keep in contact with them. However, adding them to your Total Talent pool (with associated processes in place to manage and engage with that talent pool) ensures that their knowledge is not lost.”

Future of Work Influencer Series

CPO Rising has created a new feature, ‘Future Of Work Influencer Series’, which looks to spread new ideas and progressive thoughts around how future-forward technology, innovative thinking and revolutionary ideas are changing the way we work.  The inaugural edition was with our very own, Chris Milligan

Looking ahead…

February is already shaping up to be another big month for us, make sure you check back here in a month’s time to see what we’ve been up to…

By: Vicky Holdsworth, VP of Marketing & Partnerships

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