What’s New | Adepto’s 2018 — A Year in Review


Now that 2019 is gaining momentum and most of us are back in the office, I took the chance to take stock of Adepto’s progress in 2018. It was a busy year for the team and we’ve had some amazing results. This really pays testament to the hard work of everyone in and around Adepto.

There’s been exciting growth across all parts of Adepto, not least in securing some brilliant partnerships with market-leading organisations and in raising Adepto’s profile.

Industry-leading partnerships

Our partners really tap into Adepto’s ethos and mission. The deals secured in 2018 highlight the trust that these companies have in Adepto, our product and goals. By the end of the year Capita, CXC Global, AGS, AMS and Degreed came onboard. We’re looking forward to working with all of our partners over the coming year and welcoming new ones.

Many new faces

We’ve had many talented people join the Adepto team, on both sides of the world…When I last checked, we now have people located in five different time zones — which can be a challenge when trying to get together for a meeting! However, I’m very proud of the work that the whole team has done to come together, to meet virtually (often in the early morning or evenings) and to become close-knit despite the physical distance.

In no particular order, this year we welcomed: Benjamin Rosewarne, Matias Cecchetto, Nicholas Pasquariello, Tim Wang, Vicky Holdsworth, Tim Burnett, Jack Newman, Amina West, Kat Blewden and Antonio Pastor.

Our new hires have really hit the ground running, building out our capabilities in many areas including marketing, sales, customer success and tech. With Antonio’s hire, we’ve also expanded our global presence to include the U.S. — so watch this space in 2019…

A shiny new office

More people meant that more desk-space was needed, which led to Adepto’s London team moving up-the-road to a brand spanking new office…

Day 1 in our new London HQ

User growth

It’s not just our team and office space growing — Adepto’s users did too. User numbers more than doubled over 2018, which is a great indicator of how helpful companies and workers are finding the platform.

Product improvements

Speaking of which, our team worked hard to completely redesign Adepto’s user interface and re-platformed to be more integration focussed. This will help clients benefit more from their Total Talent ecosystem. https://youtu.be/gpw3atHluJ8

Increased brand awareness

2018 saw Adepto begin to spread the word about our product, Total Talent and our vision. Several partnership deals were announced with Capita and AGS. I spoke to CPO Rising about the agile workforce being key to success in 2019 and offered advice to business leaders about how to prepare their workforce for the many changes ahead.Fintech Five was generous enough to feature me as their person of the weekand finally, we explained to HR leaders about why talent management needs to change in 2019.

Lots of events

Adepto became something of a social butterfly in 2018, both attending and hosting events across the US, Europe and Asia. We learnt about ‘The Case for Workforce-Led Transformation’ at the Capita Resourcing Breakfast, and AMS discussed the Future of Work at a breakfast event.

The Capita Resocuring Breakfast at The Ivy, London
We hosted a roundtable at the SIA Future Forward ‘Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum’, along with hosting a ‘Total Talent’ event with Fieldglass and AGS.
Here I am on the panel at Mercer’s HR Leaders Festival in Sydney, joined by Ephraim Patrick from Mercer and Mareta Cardwell and Paul Chiswick from APAC CXC Global
We had a lot of speaking engagements with LACE Partners, at Mercer HR Leaders, ProcureCon, the Future of Work event by CXC and KellyOCG’s Talent Leadership in Action series.

Additionally, Adepto inspired other companies to take the leap to the UK, at Doing Business in the UK: Opportunities for Queensland Tech Companies.

A Christmas win

Finally, we capped off our year with a couple of trophies. I won the BOC Rising Star Award, and Adepto won UK Business of the Year. A shining moment for the whole team and a perfect end to a successful year.

A successful night at the BOC HR Brilliance Awards
The teams in Brisbane and London enjoying our Christmas parties
Now, looking towards 2019, the Adepto team are working hard to build on the progress we have made. I, for one, can’t wait to see what opportunities the next 12 months will hold for Adepto…

By: Chris Milligan, CEO & Founder

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