Tech Talk | April Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Release Notes

April 2020


Identifying multiple successful candidates

Do you have a single opportunity that requires multiple people to fill?

Managers now have the option to select multiple successful candidates when completing an opportunity in Adepto, helping to better manage certain projects and tasks and avoid duplication. 

Selecting a response due date

Managers can now set a response due date when creating an opportunity in Adepto. 

This helps to ensure potential candidates are aware of the response close date and are expressing interest in the opportunity within the given time frame.

Administration Page Enhancements

Administrators and Owners can now easily manage individual user permissions relevant to their team/s with the ability to update permissions from within a group. In addition, users can now be added to a group via the “People” tab in the Administration page. 


Updating the role of an unclaimed profile 

Profiles that have yet to be claimed by a user can now have their permissions upgraded to Manager or Administrator, ensuring users have access to expected functionality upon claiming their profile and logging in for the first time. 

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