Tech Talk | December Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Release Notes

December 2019


Save time creating jobs for your recurring roles

Do you have a role that you are regularly looking to fill? Managers now have the ability to clone an existing job that they have created in the platform, helping you save time when sourcing for recurring roles.

Choose when to notify candidates about the status of your job

Managers now have the option to choose whether or not they would like to notify candidates via email when completing their jobs or marking a candidate as unsuccessful. This helps better manage communications with candidates at every stage of the hiring process.

Whilst it is important to keep candidates informed on the status of your job, we understand that you need the flexibility to communicate with candidates on your terms.

Share Opportunities with your Network


Candidates can now share Opportunities that have been posted to their network in the Explore page with their colleagues. 

If a candidate finds an Opportunity that requires the skills and experience that one of their colleagues possesses, simply visit the Opportunity and click the “Share” button to copy the Opportunity link to be shared via email or other internal company channels.

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