Tech Talk | December Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Adepto Release Notes

December 2018

New and Improved Profile Experience

We are excited to announce the single scroll profile page. This improved profile view gives workers a simplified and streamlined experience when completing their profile including enhancements to the look and feel of the page. Other updates to the profile this month include:

  • Global Skills Taxonomy: Implementing a global skills taxonomy based on evolving public skills market data. This ensures all users are speaking in a common language and helps managers match the right skills to their needs
  • Profile sections: Additional sections added to the profile gives users the ability to detail information on security clearances, languages and upload work-related documents
  • Detailed experiences: The Experiences section captures more relevent data on past work experiences to give managers a more complete view of a candidates work history

Bolstering the Platform

To maintain our position as a Global SaaS provider it is important to keep the technology that underpins our platform current and to pay down technical debt wherever possible.
Part of this involves refactoring the Adepto legacy system and re-architecting the back-end from Monolith to Microservices. This improves the performance, security, reliability and quality across all aspects of the platform providing us with a foundation that can scale with our rapidly increasing customer and user base around the globe.

Congratulate Successful Candidates

Managers can now elect to send a custom message to the successful candidate they have selected upon completing a job offer to congratulate the candidate and give further indication of the next steps in the hiring process.

SAP Fieldglass Certification

Adepto is now a certified partner with SAP Fieldglass. After building a private network of talent on the Adepto platform and connecting to existing enterprise systems, Adepto becomes a tier 0 “supplier” on SAP Fieldglass to instantly send requisitions to people who match in the pool via text message and email, leveraging their brand directly and reducing any intermediary costs.

To find out more about the integration, visit our page on the SAP App Centre:!overview


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