Tech Talk | February Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Release Notes

February 2020


Seamlessly manage roles and permissions

Enhancements to the Administration page gives Administrators and Owners a more seamless way to control who has Manager permissions in their network. 

The new list view shows all active members, managers and administrators who have signed up to the network. Administrators can make a search on the name or email of members and promote them to a Manager directly from the list view. 

The Pending tab gives visibility on all users who have already been invited as a Manager but have not yet created their account. Administrators can choose to revoke a pending invite to remove this permission or resend an invite to a Pending Manager and prompt them again to join the network. 

These enhancements help build towards more enterprise grade permission controls within the platform as we prepare to release the upcoming User Groups functionality.

Managers now have the ability to clone an existing job that they have created in the platform, helping you save time when sourcing for recurring roles.

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