Tech Talk | January Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Release Notes

January 2020


Searching conversations with candidates

Are you looking to find a conversation you had with a candidate? You can now make a search on the name of a candidate in the Messages feature helping you quickly access your past conversations. 

Managers now have the ability to clone an existing job that they have created in the platform, helping you save time when sourcing for recurring roles.

Control who shows as a key contact on a job

Managers now have the ability to assign a key contact to their job from a list of collaborating managers. 

The key contact’s name will be displayed to candidates when they access the job posting on the Opportunities page. Adding a key contact ensures managers are giving candidates the right information on who is progressing the role.

Job creation breadcrumb  

Managers now get an indication of how far along they are in the job creation process.

The new breadcrumb gives managers a visual on what stage of the job they are currently on and what stages they have left to complete, providing a more seamless job creation experience.

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