Tech Talk | July Platform Updates

Release Notes

July 2019


Creating a job has never been faster or more simple

When creating a new job, managers now have the option to upload an existing job document to auto-populate the job with a recommended Title and list of Skills. This helps managers quickly create high quality jobs, with the right skills, increasing the likelihood of finding quality candidates in the network.

Don’t have an existing document?

No problems, if a job description has already been written, it can simply be copy and pasted into the “Paste a job description” field. The new look rich text editor helps managers present their job in a professional way to attract quality candidates by ensuring the job description is clearly communicated and easily readable.

Once a description has been added, the job will automatically be populated with a Title and related Skills, helping to quickly create a high quality job whilst also increasing the likelihood of finding best fit candidates.

 Looking to work with other managers in the network to find quality candidates?

Managers in the platform can now add other managers to view or edit a job they have created to help find, review and select a successful candidate faster. When adding a Manager to collaborate on the job, they can be given permission as a Viewer or an Editor. See below for a breakdown of what this means:


A manager added as a Viewer can help by viewing and making notes on candidates that have been added to the Job.


A manager added as an Editor can help by:

  • Amending the job’s details including the description, start/end date and supporting documents before it is published
  • Add new skills to the job to help with search and match before it is published
  • Add and remove other managers or admins (don’t worry, they cannot remove the job creator from the job)
  • Add new candidates to the Job
  • Progress the job from Draft > Published > Complete to help select a successful candidate

Helping managers find the right match

Struggling to find the Search term that best matches the title and skills you are looking for? Look no further, managers can now make use of the new recommendations dropdown on the Search page.

This dropdown recommends a list of related job titles or skills based on the initial Search query to help refine the Search by using terms that already exist in the network. This guarantees that the Search will return a list of candidates who have a match, helping managers find the right candidate, faster.

Can’t find candidates with matching skills?

If the initial search isn’t matching candidates with the required skills , you can improve search results with the new Skill Suggestion feature on the Search page. Upon making a Search, managers are now suggested a list of skills from our global taxonomy based on the search that has already been entered.

Suggesting a list of similar skills to add to the search, that may otherwise be missed, improves talent matching outcomes and re-enforces Adepto as a true skills centric platform.

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