Tech Talk | June Platform Updates

Release Notes

June 2019

Sharing a Job with the entire Network

We are excited to welcome new Beta functionality to the Adepto platform that helps Managers quickly find active workers for an upcoming Job. Managers now have the ability to share and make a Job visible to all workers in their network. Think of this as a network’s own jobs board, where workers can proactively express interest in a Job that a Manager shares if they feel that they meet the skill and experience requirements.

Managers now have some more options when publishing a Job. They can:

– Share the Job with their selected workers, prompting and allowing only them to view and respond (existing)


– Share the Job with all workers giving everyone in the network the ability to view and respond whilst also prompting any selected workers about the Job (new)

For workers in the platform, the Explore page is where they can proactively explore the network for Opportunities that help grow their career the way they want.


Managers create a Job, add required skills and share it to all of the network where workers can then actively express interest if the Opportunity catches their eye. Workers receive updates via email when new Opportunities arise that match the current and aspirational skills that they have added to their profile.  


Search information directly from a historic CV

Managers in the platform can now Search worker CV’s that were uploaded prior to the implementation of the CV Parsing tool. This provides Managers with a more powerful Search tool to help them find Workers with the right skills and experience, faster, whilst not forcing workers to re-upload their CV if they have already uploaded one. 



Helping to create a secure password

This enhancement involves giving more guidance and clarity when changing a password or signing up, helping users create a simple and secure password.


Mobile field enhancements

A new mobile phone country code selector is now live with a number of usability enhancements including increased flexibility around accepted mobile formats, country code shortcuts as well as typing to find a country from the dropdown list. This helps ensure all users around the world will receive a text notification when they are sent a Job.




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