What’s New In Adepto? | March Platform Updates

Adepto Release Notes

March 2019

Sign Up Faster | Capture More

Our sign up wizard has been rebuilt to enhance the experience of both managers and workers who are joining the platform.

New managers who are invited to the platform now have the option to progress through an express account creation where they can bypass setting up a profile. This gives new managers the ability to create an account and be looking for talent in their network to fill upcoming roles in a matter of minutes.

Changes to the flow and design of our wizard enables workers to quickly capture more profile data so that managers have more relevant and contextual  information on the available skills and experiences within their network.


Streamlined Work Email Verification

If a network requires user verification through a company email address, users will no longer need to complete this section of the wizard if they are using their current work email as their account email, enriching the user experience by expediting the account creation process for all users.

Enhancing Reporting Capabilities

Expanded reporting capabilities to provide managers in the platform with access to more customisable, rich data on the actions that both workers and managers take within their network. This gives our customers all the information they need to grow and best utilise their network.


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