Tech Talk | March Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Release Notes

March 2020


Creating a more focused manager experience

The latest update to the Adepto platform will see a more focussed experience for managers as we rename the “Jobs” page to “Opportunities”. 

Candidates have always seen the jobs managers post as Opportunities, but they will now see “Opportunities” in their interface when going to create and post their next role.

By unifying the language we use in the platform from Jobs to Opportunities, we hope to highlight the different types of work opportunities that can be published to the network, whether that be a full time or part time role, a task/project work or an upcoming event.

Personal Section

You will now see the addition of a “Personal” dropdown appearing below the standard manager functionality in the side menu. 

If managers are looking for their next career move, the Personal section is where they can update the profile and find new opportunities that have been posted to their network.

These enhancements simplify the experience for managers by putting a focus on the primary tools used to find talent with the skills needed for their next work opportunity.

Navigation Menu Updates

The Log out and Help Centre can now be found in the bottom section of the side navigation menu – making the Navigation more focused on the candidate and manager experience. 

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