Tech Talk | September Platform Updates

Nick Anderson

Release Notes

September 2019


Find the right candidates by specifying your engagement

Managers now have the ability to specify what type of job they are creating and publishing to the network. Choosing a specific type of job helps to clearly position the new work opportunity, attracting only the best fitting candidates for the engagement.

Whether it be gaining expressions of interest for an event you are running or finding someone with the right skills to complete a task/assignment, Job Types helps to clearly define the nature of your engagement to help you find the right candidate. Job Types that can now be chosen when creating a job includes:

  • Permanent
  • Contract
  • Temporary
  • Casual
  • Task/Assignment
  • Event
  • Mentorship
  • Secondment
  • Other

Preview before you publish

We all know first impressions count, and they count a lot. To make sure managers are happy with the way their job is presented, they now have the option to preview how the job will appear to candidates once it is published.

Job previewing, along with our new look text editor, ensures you are presenting your job in they way you intended. This helps attract quality candidates by ensuring the specifics of the role are clearly communicated and readable.

Better manage your job by choosing who has visibility

Managers have more control at every stage of the hiring process by changing between who can see a job they have posted before and after it has been published.

Ready to manage interested candidates?

If your job has been published to the network and you want to manage your existing pool of interested candidates, you can toggle your job to private, giving visibility to only those you have invited or who have already expressed interest.

Not getting enough interest your job?

If you publish your job privately to a select group of candidates and you aren’t receiving the expressions of interest you might have thought, you can change your job to give visibility to the whole network for anyone to express interest.

Centralising candidate communications

The new Messages feature lets managers and candidates send and receive messages directly from the Adepto platform. Managers may message candidates to request further information about their profile, confirm availability dates or discuss the specifics on a job you they have expressed interest in.

By consolidating conversations between managers and candidates in one place, Messages reduces the need to communicate across multiple email systems, helping better manage work engagements.

Help managers quickly understand your skills

Appearing at the top of the profile, the new Skills Overview section is the first thing managers will see when considering a candidate for a role.

This section helps to give managers a full understanding of the skills you’ve gained across your career. This ensures managers are engaging you for a role that best suits your unique set of skills and experiences.

Quick access to platform support

A new Help Button now appears at the bottom left corner of the platform, giving all users quick access to view helpful support articles or submit a support request without having to leave the platform.

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