Tech Talk | Putting the worker at the centre of their career

Work is changing. Workers are demanding more autonomy over their roles. Some choose to work remotely, others fit their work around family commitments and extracurricular learning. The way people access work is also becoming more worker-centric, with organisations focussing less on someone’s status (permanent, contractor, freelancer, alumni) and more on what skills are required.

People-first career profiles

The worker experience has changed. People are information-rich and are used to access to consumer-grade systems. They no longer wish to be in a protracted workflow, they want control over their data.

Forward-thinking business leaders are placing their workers at the centre of their careers. That’s why Adepto built its technology to empower and focus on workers. Our platform gives individuals ownership over their careers, at a time when work is in flux and changes are coming from all directions. When they could be automated out of a job, or make the choice to switch to a new career path. Adjusting to this requires a profile that extends beyond a CV to encompass the entire person – their experience, skills, ambitions and motivations. 

Greater flexibility for work

An Adepto profile lasts throughout a worker’s entire career. Giving them greater flexibility and power over the type of projects they work on – ensuring they align with their interests and motivations. Because someone can now choose to go from permanent to freelance, contract to semi-retirement, HR systems need to adapt to this. Adepto ensures that organisations don’t lose that vital knowledge, or access to that worker, as they move around their career. 

Fewer silos

The array of technology systems on the market used by the majority of HR and procurement professionals, aren’t fit for purpose – as Alistair Antoine, HR Technology Manager – Team Success at Cisco states in his article here. The reality is that HR is still focussing on permanent talent and procurement is still focussing on contingent, with no one system bridging the gap. As a result, organisations are losing their competitive edge – making it impossible for departments to work together, manage or even know what talent they have internally. Let alone provide a satisfactory candidate experience. 

Shared networks

Every worker on Adepto has a single profile. Whether that worker is part of one, or multiple networks (using Adepto), they can be sourced for work relevant to their experience and skills. For the first time organisations, such as Atos, are allowing their workers to manage their profiles, find new work, update their skills and get access to new learning content on the job. This is having a significant impact, with benefits including better skills utilisation, more accurate skills tracking and increased internal mobility.

Skills visibility

Adepto is a Total Talent platform, providing visibility of skills across an organisation’s entire Total Talent pool of all worker types, including those yet to be hired. Worker profiles don’t just include their current skills, they also include future skills to develop and an area to include their aspirations and motivations. With individual learning pathways provided for each worker, individuals feel empowered to progress their careers in a way that suits them. Managers across an organisation also have visibility on what skills they have available, reducing reliance on external hiring. 

More privacy

Data privacy is becoming the number one priority, with fewer people willing to share their data. Adepto creates private organisational networks with individual notes attached to worker profiles, only available to managers within that specific network to view. Although the worker can be invited into multiple networks – those notes are only available to the individual network managers that they relate to. In-line with GDPR regulation, workers also control the life of that data – choosing to complete or delete their individual profiles. 

The way forward

With calls for greater autonomy and more career ownership, workers are demanding systems to enable this shift. Those organisations that will remain competitive, will be those that focus on embracing their Total Talent. 


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