What’s New | Adepto is acquired by Degreed

Chris Milligan

Our vision has always been to help organisations make the most of their available skills, whether that’s internal or external, past, present or potential. We’ve evolved as a business over the last few years from a marketplace to talent pooling to Total Talent and our recent focus on skills. But what hasn’t changed is our constant focus on the worker, allowing individuals to own their career and make the most of their skill sets.

Today, that vision has taken a step further as we join with Degreed, together creating the market leading Learning and Total Talent Experience Platform. This move further strengthens our skills focus as well as creates an entirely new proposition to support global businesses’ resourcing and upskilling needs.

On a day-to-day, it’s Adepto business as usual. As we continue to develop the platform, we are eager for customer feedback and involvement in making the most of the combined capabilities; ultimately driving value and success for our customers. Everyone at Adepto will be joining Degreed. Our London, UK and our Brisbane, Australia offices will still exist to support our customers – we’ll just have a wider global presence, with further offices in Pleasanton, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, New York across North America and Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Joining forces with Degreed, a company as passionate about upskilling and transforming workforces as Adepto, is a step-change for us and the resourcing industry. Given the critical need global organisations have for re and up-skilling – we have come together to facilitate this – enabling greater skills utilisation, upskilling and reskilling, internal career mobility, direct sourcing and, ultimately, more fulfilling careers.

Joining forces

Degreed’s Learning Experience Platform has fuelled the company’s impressive growth that’s seen it quadruple over the past two years. 

The acquisition will help build on Adepto’s 150% growth over the past three consecutive years. Together, Degreed and Adepto create the most complete end-to-end solution for workforce transformation. We now have a combined client base of over 240 organisations, over 5 million licensed users, over $150 million in funding and over 400 employees working to shape the workforce of the future. Through added resources and fresh innovation we will ensure we continue to iterate, develop and meet the needs of our customers.  

As for our integrations, Adepto will continue to integrate with strategic technology partners in the market.

Unlocking talent and learning

Through working with Degreed + Adepto, organisations, and importantly individuals, will now have a way to unlock Total Talent skills data whilst tracking their learning and development journeys across their careers. This will ensure managers make better, more informed decisions about hiring, managing and developing talent. It will also prepare and futureproof organisations, ensuring they remain competitive – empowering workers to understand current skills, ambitions, opportunities and the learning required to achieve their goals.

Finally, business leaders can now move beyond inconsistent data sets from disparate HR and procurement technology and processes.

Future plans

Together, this expanded set of resources and capabilities will now provide a completely revolutionalised Learning and Total Talent Experience for organisations, with enriched analytics and reporting on skills and learning data for business-critical workforce insights. Making sure that no worker will become irrelevant due to a lack of new skills and giving business leaders the information they need to grow and develop their workforce.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, get in touch with us here, or email me directly at chris@adepto.com. 


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