What’s new | Adepto redesigns its structure

As a product company, we continually hypothesise, validate, build, test, deploy and then learn, continuing to optimise the Adepto platform. Over the last few months, we’ve done the same with our business. To better serve the needs of our customers, partners and in response to market demand, Adepto has been redesigned. We are evolving ourselves, becoming even more customer focussed, with a global outlook that’s complemented by local expertise.

Delivering the best Total Talent solution

To put it simply, we’ve gone through a redesign to deliver the best Total Talent solution on the market. Now that Adepto operates globally (through three offices in London, Brisbane and New York), we noticed a risk of losing local focus. So, our redesign puts leaders on the ground in each of our core markets. Leaders who have detailed knowledge of their markets, and the needs and challenges faced by our customers.

Practically speaking, this is what it looks like:

Adepto has welcomed Louise Anderson as VP Solutions and APAC in Brisbane.

Louise has joined Adepto from Randstad Sourceright and has extensive experience in talent acquisition and recruitment outsourcing, spanning over 15 years. As VP Solutions and APAC, Louise will leverage her experience to help Adepto’s customers grow their capabilities using our platform, to fully unlock all the skills in their talent pools. She’ll also work to ensure that the technology Adepto brings to market is aligned with customer needs and that we can respond to and future proof our clients’ skills capability.

Simultaneously, in London, we welcomed Oli Meager who joins as VP of Sales and EMEA.

Oli joins us from SAP Fieldglass, bringing a wealth of large Enterprise customer experience and expertise in global RPO environments. Oli will be the senior voice for Adepto’s EMEA operations, giving a local focus, whilst simultaneously driving Adepto’s global growth and scale. His role will help align Adepto’s product roadmap with customer needs, increase the EMEA sales pipeline and build talent to drive Adepto’s growth and capabilities in EMEA.

April Lea has also joined Adepto as Head of Delivery.

April brings with her extensive engineering, product and delivery experience from a range of industries. Her role will oversee the services and technology offered to customers, ensuring that our customers and partners get the features and functions that they need – in a quick and scalable manner. Additionally, April will work to make Adepto even more agile. Able to quickly turn-around quality functionality to keep Adepto, and our customers, at the cutting-edge of the market.

An improved customer experience function

Adepto’s Customer Experience function is growing, with new members of the team joining. It will be separated into two phases based on your customer journey: ‘activation’ and ‘success’. With customer centricity enhanced across both areas.

Customer Activation will ensure all new customers will get off to the best start with Adepto, that they will be equipped with the latest knowledge and be able to quickly use the platform across their organisation and demonstrate ROI. Activations will be sped up, enabling a quicker time-to-value.

Customer Success will work with more established customers, to ensure that they continue to gain value from Adepto, to keep them updated on new features and best practice. Additionally providing our Customer Success Partners with the environment they need to become true, trusted advocates.

With this, Adepto is now driving a holistic view of all customers from all areas of the business with Customer Experience influencing every single employee and team. From Design to Finance, Development to Marketing.

For continued success

Adepto’s redesign has been done with you, our customers and partners, in mind. Ultimately, it’s been driven by the desire to offer an improved experience to our customers, to drive the best outcomes. As such, we’ve created a more focussed structure, which allows Adepto to take advantage of its global presence – with local expertise. Making sure that every customer in every country has the right elements in place for the journey towards Total Talent.


Chris Milligan, CEO

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