What’s new | Degreed + Adepto: customer Q&As

Karen Burns

The news of Adepto’s acquisition was met with enthusiasm and excitement from many corners. The acquisition creates an entirely new proposition to support global businesses’ resourcing and upskilling needs – becoming the market-leading Learning and Total Talent Experience Platform. There were a number of questions about how it would work, what it meant for Adepto’s customers and what it would mean for the future of Adepto. 

We spoke to our customers to better understand what they wanted to see from the Degreed + Adepto platform and what questions they had.

Integration features

To begin with, we asked them about the features they would like to see through the integrations. 

Answers ranged from gaining a corporate view of an organisation’s skills catalogue and incorporating best practice job descriptions and profiles into the day-to-day, to achieve unification between the Degreed and Adepto platforms.


In terms of synchronisation, everything Adepto has planned with the integration (as with all feature development), will be done in partnership with all customers, alongside Degreed’s customers. We are working on the integration and hope to make this available to customers as soon as possible, with feedback on how our customers want to see the product evolve.

The initial product focus over the next coming months are: 

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for Degreed and Adepto users
  • Skills synchronised for a consistent experience on both platforms
  • Degreed’s learning content and recommendations will appear in Adepto’s platform for talent who are seeking opportunities
  • Additional profile data synchronisation, including goals, education, and certification

These initial synchronisations will ensure jobs, assignments, and opportunities in Adepto are surfaced in Degreed and vice versa. 

A collaborative effort

In all key areas of development, we will work closely with Degreed and our customers to ensure the end-product fully fits everyone’s needs. For now, the Adepto team is hard at work, delivering on early integration plans. To ensure both Degreed and Adepto customers will gain a cohesive and superior user experience when using the two platforms.  

Long-term, this will turn into a full upskilling experience where talent can be found, upskilled, mobilised, and better placed into roles based on their skills, learning, and experience.

As always, if you have any feedback or further questions about Degreed + Adepto, get in touch with us here


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