What’s New | Wrapping up the year: Adepto in 2019

Chris Milligan

The Holiday season is a time of celebration and family gatherings but it’s also the end of the year and time to reflect on the last 12 months. As we wrap up 2019, I wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the highlights here at Adepto.

Degreed + Adepto

We were acquired by Degreed – news that caused excitement and discussion across the industry. A partnership that will empower our customers to bridge the divide between the supply and demand for skills

Off the back of this, 2020 is set to be a busy and rewarding year. We’re already seeing lots of momentum. This new partnership will help us to build on the growth we achieved in 2019.

Team growth

The team more than doubled this year with new capabilities in sales, marketing, development, solutions and customer success added in London and Brisbane. Along with a new office launched in New York we built the team to 41 employees, with over 400 in total now across Adepto and Degreed.

More functionality

Additional expertise meant that we could continuously refine the Adepto platform and add new features. We developed new functionality on the platform in 2019 including live dashboards, profile goals, a sign-up wizard, skills suggestions, searchable CVs, collaboration tools, in-app messaging and public jobs (for more information about any of these new features, get in touch here).This really pays testament to the ambition, vision and hard work put in by our product, engineering and customer success teams. Who constantly worked to improve the Adepto product in line with feedback from customers, partners and the market.

Reflecting on another milestone achievement for Adepto in 2019, we now have tens of thousands of users now actively using the platform to find the right opportunities to shape their careers.

Total Talent gained headlines

Awareness of, and knowledge on, Total Talent grew in 2019 with the likes of SIA, The Raconteur, Personnel Today, Manpower Group, HRO Today and more, talking about it. I spoke at several events on the topic including more recently Leaderex and SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy US.  I was also given the opportunity to continue spreading the word through a number of forward thinking publications such as HRD Connect, Catalyst Magazine and many more. Our white papers also added to discussions, specifically by creating baseline knowledge about what Total Talent is and why organisations need it. To download our latest white paper ‘Total Talent – an Internal Mobility lens’ click here.

Looking ahead

Overall, it has been a milestone year for Adepto. One that’s been filled with wins across the company, setting us up well for further evolution and growth in 2020. I am eager to see what the next 12 months will hold for the team, the Adepto platform, our customers and partners, and the market as a whole. Especially as we work with Degreed to create a fuller learning, talent and upskilling experience for everyone. Something drastically needed in the face of the many workforce changes coming over the next year.

In 2019, we saw Total Talent take centre stage. Looking into 2020, the focus will be on taking a Total Talent lens to continuous learning and upskilling. Watch this space. 


By Chris Milligan
Chief Executive Officer, Adepto

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