Case Study: Atos

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Building a flexible, self-managing resourcing mechanism for key skills


As part of a wider digital transformation programme, Atos looked to develop an organisational skills map to drive greater utilisation across its current workforce, and to spot opportunities to re-skill workers. Atos faced a number of key challenges:

 Poor utilisation of available skills, leading to missed revenue opportunities, reduced customer satisfaction and downstream cost of non-quality

 Lack of investment in career development opportunities for workers, who weren’t using the skills they had acquired

 Long wait times to identify and assign resources to shortterm engagements

 Accounts and Bid teams holding onto good resources, fearing they might not get them back from other projects

 The need to increase productivity organisation-wide


Atos launched Adepto’s Total Talent platform using a custom built skills taxonomy, that reflected the specialisms of its workforce. The platform’s mission was to unlock latent capacity by facilitating short-term, temporary assignments for specific resource types in hours, rather than weeks or months.

Atos activated the platform inviting workers across the organisation to create a profile, diversifying Atos’ available talent resource. Implementation took 12 weeks, across 6 sprints.

Better visibility and access to talent gave Atos far greater insights into their workforce’s ambitions and interests – more effectively aligning workers to jobs and projects, increasing motivation and quality of output. Atos are now looking to establish a virtual team (Talent Pool) concept for key resource types that encourages a culture change in terms of cross divisional working and individual re-skilling.

The results

Atos has a target to increase their network to 10,000 employees. As a result, the average resource assignment lead-time is anticipated to go from (now) weeks to just hours, with resource utilisation improving by 10%.

One of Atos’ many success stories since activation included finding a highly-specialised and hard-to-find Citrix expert to fulfil a sudden demand within new business. The hiring manager used Adepto’s search function and found a suitable individual within minutes.

“Adepto have proven themselves to be a highly collaborative partner. They have been very responsive to specific requests and where possible have aligned their development sprints to our pilot programme needs. Users of the platform have been very complimentary about its intuitive nature and its flexibility. Whilst inevitably there have been some teething issues with certain areas of roll out, the Adepto team have been incredibly open in sharing plans for resolution and have always embraced the feedback that we have given to them.”

John Hall, B. Sc (Eng), M. (Eng) – Head of Portfolio, Scientific Community Editor-in-Chief