Case Study: Professional Services Firm

Utilising Total Talent for a competitive edge in professional services

 Reducing costs, increasing organisational agility and matching the demand for work with the best people

 Building a network of 1500+ on-demand workers available to hire for projects in real time

 Curating a custom skills taxonomy with 2000+ skills


A big 4 professional services organisation needed to increase their pool of available on-demand talent as a response to new business opportunities, ensuring they were attracting the very best talent in the market to place on projects.

The organisation’s existing HR systems were unable to fulfil this increasing need for on-demand workers, moving away from the traditional reliance on permanent headcount. They turned to Adepto to use as a single platform solution, providing the capability to work with their existing technology stack

The organisation was increasingly under pressure to be more agile – and were seeking a solution to track the skills, availability and ambitions of their workforce. Through activating Adepto, the organisation pooled its entire on-demand worker base (currently at 1500+ profiles) onto Adepto’s Total Talent platform. Significantly reducing time-to-hire. Further benefits included increased worker retention and mobility.


Adepto offered the organisation a solution that could be a standalone on-demand talent pool solution, yet integrate and elevate existing HR and procurement tools and processes in place.

Increased skills visibility

Adepto has evolved the organisation’s sourcing operating model, making it fit for the future, whilst maintaining key workflows across existing teams including risk, operations, recruiting, and contingent talent. Hiring managers now have greater visibility and access to on-demand workers through Adepto.

Custom taxonomy with 2000+ skills

Adepto developed a custom skills taxonomy for the organisation due to its highly specialised work. Adepto and department heads worked collaboratively together to map out the exact skills within each business area. To date, over 2000 skills have been created on the taxonomy. This allows hiring managers to rapidly find the exact people needed for client work.

Every quarter, this skills taxonomy is reviewed and new areas added, allowing the organisation to keep up-to-date with changing skills, industry standards and client needs.

The results

Agile resourcing

Using Adepto, the organisation has become a market- leader for flexible talent. It has built a truly agile workforce that empowers internal and external workers to search and apply for opportunities, to develop their careers and build their skills. Hiring managers can rapidly find the best workers for a task, because of greater skills visibility and accessibility to all the talent within the organisation.

Empowering workers

The system empowers workers to take control of their career opportunities and growth. Candidate profiles are updated with relevant skills, projects and experience, as well as career aspirations. This allows hiring managers to offer projects aligned to skills and ambition – positively impacting retention.

Former employees who have retired or taken a sabbatical can remain on Adepto for future projects or contract roles. This ensures critical company knowledge is not lost. Internal mobility is also improved as career opportunities are more visible – boosting employee retention.

Rapid on-demand worker growth

Opening the platform up externally has enabled the organisation to quickly build its external talent pool. Over 1500 candidate profiles are now available to hiring managers at the click of a button. Sign-ups are gaining momentum, with candidate growth more than doubling month on month.

Resourcing in minutes

The technology has become a key component to the organisation’s HR and procurement strategy. A dedicated team now manages and engages with all workers on the platform, ensuring someone can be found for a task within minutes – whereas before, the process took days.

Together with Adepto, the organisation is now collaboratively defining how decentralised networks can shape a corporation ready to lead change.