I-M Magazine | Chris Milligan’s Brave New World of Work

“When are you going to get a real job?” As a 20-year-old contractor, that was what I heard from my friends and family when the conversation shifted to work. Even though that 20-year-old was earning $150,000 a year moving from contract to contract, being paid on a day rate, I had no “job security”. What was this job security everybody spoke of, anyway?

Everyone is on a contract, from the CEO to the receptionist, and it’s usually 4 weeks. The only difference between those employed full time and contractors or freelancers (now called gig workers), is that the gig workers know this reality, and are always keeping an eye out for what’s next. Fast forward to 2018, and I’ve still never had a permanent full-time job, I even contract to the company I founded, Adepto, and I am the CEO. However, today, the world has finally caught up with the new way of working, and it’s very much accepted. Depending on which consulting report you believe, the number of people working in “non-traditional” employment in any western economy is between 20-40%, and that’s not going to reduce…

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