A Diverse Workforce is a Stronger Workforce

For this month’s blog I was trying to figure out a topic that was relevant and, selfishly, I could bring back to the work we do here at Adepto.

While its been talked about now for years, given the current discussions around the world on the political (and social) stage from the US President to Brexit to pay discrimination in Hollywood (and that other issue…), it seems like a discussion of diversity and inclusion is as relevant now as it’s ever been.

Articles and studies abound from the 2016 Credit Suisse study discussed in this Harvard Business Review article which found that at least one female board member yielded higher return on equity and higher net income growth than those that did not have any women on the board to an article from Hult International Business School citing a top benefit to diversity is more creativity and innovation. Organisations that embrace diversity cite over and over the benefits that come from bringing not only inherent (e.g. ethnicity and gender) but also acquired (e.g. experience, cultural background) diversity to their teams drives higher job satisfaction, increased revenue and improved individual performance.

Diversity is not without its challenges. Integration of multi-cultural teams can be difficult in the face of stereotypes or prejudice and people from some cultures may not feel comfortable letting their voices be heard. In addition, as leaders, understanding not only inherent and acquired but also the personality differences of your teams can lead to misunderstandings or frustration as the quiet introvert isn’t given time to process when in a room with all those loud, talk before they think, extroverts. This last one is a personal experience of mine and ensuring those thoughtful voices are heard elevated my team in building strategies in a way it hadn’t been when I had a room full of “off the cuff” socialisers.

What I think is most fascinating as we move further into 2018 and see trends in technology continuing to move at a break neck pace is the opportunity for IT to bring further IQ to building diverse organisations. Products like Adepto enable hiring managers to customise the questions they ask of their internal and external workforce, so they can build a stronger understanding of the best people for a role. And being able to search beyond traditional terms to building search queries based on someone career interests or areas of learning or how they want to work is an important (dare I say critical?) next step to building the strongest teams possible regardless of the industry or type of project.

Growing, cultivating and enabling great teams is a bit of a soap box issue for me personally and its part of the reason I joined Adepto. Seeing how this technology (and others like it) could enable people who might not normally be considered for a role to find a voice and opportunity is epic! I look forward to the day when millions of people are using Adepto and can find opportunities that align to not only their skills but also their passions and employers can more quickly find great people across a wider set of skills, cultures and life experiences.

Karen Carter

Vice President Marketing @Adepto

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