What is Adepto?

Adepto is changing the way the world works by helping organisations to fully realise the potential of their
dynamic workforce and make the most of key talent pools (employees, alumni, freelancers, partners and
vendors and contractors and temps). Adepto is an easy-to-use, online solution where organisations keep in
touch with workers to match requirements with capability and availability.

Where does Adepto operate?

Adepto has operations across Australia, the UK and the US. Our clients are global organisations looking to
embrace the changing nature of work. Our technology can be deployed into any market by any organization of
any size.

What is Adepto’s Pricing?

Adepto’s pricing model is a customised subscription based on how you use the platform. To learn more, please use the “contact us” button on our website and we’d love to have a conversation with you.

How does the Adepto platform work?

Accessed from anywhere at any time, Adepto keeps organisations connected with those in and around them. Workers and businesses are invited to the system to create profiles so that organisations can see them. Projects and job requests can then be sent out to selected individuals and talent pools at any time for their response and collaboration

Who is Adepto for?

Adepto is for businesses who want to have a full view of their entire workforce - all the individuals they can bring in to work on any project. It’s also for people who want to expose their capability, availability and
credibility to organisations that want to work with them. By having an up-to date profile, people can stay connected and front of mind when an organisation’s need arise.
Organisations who want to increase agility and responsiveness in how they build their ecosystem of workers using Adepto to better communicate with networks of talented individuals.



How will Adepto help me?

For organisations, Adepto provides the ability to engage the right person, at the right time, for the right price. It reduces costs and manages the impact of business changes by keeping companies equipped with the individuals they need for any situation.
For workers, Adepto gives you the ability to be found, connected with and sourced by organisations that have the work you are looking for

Can anyone sign up to Adepto?

Unfortunately, you can’t sign up to Adepto unless you have been invited by an organisation, or found the portal on an organisations career site / job board. If you are looking to use Adepto at your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team by clicking our “Learn More” button at the top of the page