Introducing Adepto 2.0 | Our Biggest Release to Date

New and Improved Hiring Manager Experience

We are excited to announce Adepto 2.0, our most comprehensive feature release ever. In the past few months, we have undertaken an extensive update of the Adepto technology with the aim of improving  the speed and performance of the system and making it even more user-friendly. 

What’s core to the Adepto Total Talent solution is the ability to quickly hone in on the right skills across all types of talent within your network, so you can quickly assemble the teams you need to fulfil projects or roles. As such, the manager functionality which allows you to search, sort and engage candidates for work has had a full re-design in the platform to streamline these workflows. 

See below for more details on how we have enhanced the platform to make it easier for managers to build and engage with their talent community.


Updates to our Search page allows managers to quickly find talent in their network with the right skills and experiences needed for the role. Here are a few of the exciting new features available on the Search page:

  • Multi Select: Select multiple candidates at once and add them to relevant Talent Pools and Jobs or copy their emails to the clipboard and engage with them directly via personal email.
  • Filter Buttons: Ensure managers find the best fit for a role by refining searches and filtering candidates based on work status, rate, location and availability. 
  • Master Profile View: View and make notes on a candidates profile whilst simultaneously scrolling and comparing talent to fill an upcoming role in our new single page search view. 


Talent Pools

The new Talent Pools page helps foster collaboration across recruiting teams and with other hiring managers when pooling talent for an upcoming role. See below for some of the new Talent Pool features available: 

  • Private Talent Pools: Create groupings of potential candidates for current and recurring roles that are only visible to you.
  • Shared Talent Pools: Managers can access pre-vetted Talent Pools created by Owners and Administrators to collaboratively share talent amongst the network.
  • Adding a Talent Pool to a Job: Add all candidates from a private or shared Talent Pool to a Job or use the multi select feature to add multiple candidates from a single Talent Pool to an upcoming role.


Updates to the Jobs page gives the flexibility to create and send job requests to candidates within the network in a matter of minutes. See below for new features that will help improve the manager experience on the Jobs page:

  • Live Candidate Updates: After sending a job request, watch in real-time as candidates respond live with interested or uninterested.
  • Add candidates to a published Job:  Not seeing the response wanted with the current candidate pool? Not to worry, continue to add candidates to the job once it has been published to make sure you find the right fit.
  • Successful Candidate: After reviewing the candidate pool, select a successful candidate who will be automatically emailed notifying them that they have obtained the role.