Our Solution

Adepto’s technology enables your organisation to build a total talent community of all worker types – internal full-time, gig workers, vendors and everything in-between. Every worker has access to the Adepto system where they can build a profile that best represents not only their past experiences, but who they are as a person, their skills and what they aspire to achieve in the future.

This allows hiring managers, recruiters and procurers to find the best people and skills across the entire company for an upcoming project or role regardless of where they are today, or how they work.

Adepto removes traditional silos of talent enabling organisations and hiring managers quickly find the talent and skills they need. In doing this, we help our customers better adapt and respond to their customers needs helping them develop an ongoing connection with their workforce overtime.

We work with organisations globally to help them solve core challenges across their workforce management strategy. Whether your focus is internal talent, external talent or a combination of both, we look to understand your critical needs by helping you build your organisation network to unlock resource and build a more engaged global on-demand workforce.

The Adepto Platform

Adepto’s flexible, configurable solution enables total talent management putting all your people, in one place. We’re a cloud-based business technology tool that lets any organisation build talent pools proactively to identify all your people, reducing time to hire. Workers get a profile they maintain and can update anytime and you’re able to communicate with those workers building your extended workforce community.

Configurable Sign-Up Wizard

All users are taken through Adepto’s sign-up wizard upon registration. The sign up wizard is used to capture initial details including work preferences, skills and job titles. Organisations can use custom questions to capture information specifically relevant to their workforce.

Live, customisable profile. No silo'ed data

Profiles are owned and controlled by the user enabling them to add relevant work experience, educational history, work preferences as well as goals and aspirations.

Bespoke Search and Profile Views

Managers can use Adepto’s bespoke search to identify potential candidates based on their skills, work history, work preferences, rates and more.

Talent Pooling

Managers can create custom talent pools, grouping their talent based on skills, future fit or other categorisations that help them quickly access the talent they need.


Organisational notes is a functionality for managers within an organisation to collaborate and share knowledge of employees or candidates. Manager can upload documents, tags, sourcing details or comments to easily share feedback and information across your private network.

Insights and Reporting

All talent data can be aggregated in custom dashboards to help give your organisation visibility on all the skills and talent across your network. Insights are bespoke per organisation and can visualise any candidate data or custom question data.


Managers can curate and send job requests to candidates within their network. Upon receiving a job request, candidates can either decline or express interest if they are interested in the role.

Use Cases

Internal Mobility

Organisations invite their internal workforce (full-time, part-time, casual) to the platform, giving them complete visibility on current employees within their organisation. With internal talent, Adepto helps our customer increase utilisation and development opportunities, lowering costs and improving employee satisfaction and engagement.

External/Contractor Management

Organisations invite their external workforce (contractors, alumni, prospective candidates) to the platform, giving them complete visibility on non-employees. In doing this, we help our customers better find and engage highly sought after external workforce segments including return to work parents, the semi-retired, the geographically mobile, highly skilled contractors and alumni.

Total Talent Management Enabler

A combination of the above 2 use cases in which an organisation has visibility over their entire workforce – both internal and external.

Shared Network

A multi-sided “marketplace” in which there are more than one organisations as a part of a single network who share talent amongst each other. Designed to be used by professional bodies, educational institutions and associations. For example: This use case is being used by an educational association that is comprised of many schools and universities. Graduating students within the network sign up to the platform and can be given placement to schools within the network. Alternatively, teachers are visible to all schools within the network and can be engaged with for work.