Reinventing Total Talent – Adepto and the Bersin Report

How Adepto and HR Technology is pushing the boundaries of Talent Management through Bersin’s network/team management model.

If your job has anything to do with talent management then you’ve noticed the way your organisation acquires and manages people is changing. As a result, “people tech” is quickly trying to adapt as company’s re-orient around the needs and expectations of not only the external talent market, but of those already working for them. We are transitioning to a world that demands new technology enablers to facilitate the collaboration of teams, individuals and networks. Many organisations, including us, are using the term “Total Talent” when referring to this shift and the need to have an end-to-end view of all the people available to do work for an organisation, regardless of their employment status.

Deloitte’s report on HR Technology Disruptions in 2018 by Josh Bersin is focused around three micro trends that outline how the HR technology market is reinventing itself: changes in the overall technology landscape, changes in the way we work, and changes in the way we manage organisations.

Bersin indicates that talent management is on the cusp of being redefined as organisations begin to take the form of a true network. Within this network, teams are formed based on functional groups or projects, product or programs and client or customer focus. These teams have different characteristics than their predecessors:

  1. Teams set and share goals,
  2. Team leaders become specialists as opposed to people managers, and
  3. Organisations aim to develop people to fill “roles” rather than “jobs” and then move those people from project to project.

This shift to agile teaming has become prevalent as organisations are forced to become lean and ensure everyone is working at optimal levels to maintain competitiveness in a VUCA world.

This focus on team management and developing agile talent practices is based on empowerment, performance and leadership achieved by aligning and engaging networks of teams within AND around an organisation.

Bersin extends these views on the concept of networks to reflect the recruitment industry’s broadened perspectives on “talent acquisition”. When acquiring talent, companies should start by building compelling and authentic employer brands, followed by building the foundation of their organisations talent network through creating networks of employees, contractors, freelancers, alumni, students, referrals, and all other sources. Companies then engage candidates into their sub-networks via marketing, building talent pools and constantly communicating with workers who have the right skills for a role.

Here at Adepto, we like to call this the “The Network Effect” and we believe it is the cornerstone of total talent management. Bersin poses the question: “Does the talent management software you have in place really support this model? Probably not.”

Bersin’s views and the truest definition of total talent is at the heart of how we built our platform, and Company. Adepto’s technology enables any type of organisation to create their own private network and empowers users to take control of their profile and the data they share within the organisation. The Adepto “ecosystem” creates one complete, flexible network where people can invite, and categorise, internal and external resources or individuals within the network.

As organisations build their community of workers, whether that be full-time, part-time, external or internal, talent becomes a more flexible/fluid resource that can be pooled in talent or managed in teams. This directly aligns with Bersin’s concepts of people filling roles as opposed to jobs and moving from project to project.  

Companies use Adepto to create private networks as they build their authentic and compelling employer brand by controlling the experience of their portal and landing pages as well as the messaging behind their approach to talent management and talent acquisition.

As the HR technology landscape broadens to accommodate the needs of the modern worker, organisations should invest in technologies that empower their people by putting them at the centre. At Adepto, we are pioneering the way companies view and manage their workforce by doing just that, putting people at the centre, with the hope that we can change the way the world works for the better.

-Nick (Marketing Lead APAC)