Welcome to the Adepto Blog – the brand reborn!

Welcome to the Adepto Blog. Our small scrappy marketing team really wanted to call this something far more creative, we finally just decided to call it what it is…if someone has something cooler, just send it my way – chris@adepto.com.
But now to the topic at hand, my passion for changing how the world works and, shamelessly, to throw in how Adepto can help you figure it out. We’re not going to pretend it’s easy and as we build our technology and work with current and potential clients, there’s a lot to learn and think about when building forward-thinking, innovative strategies for building organisations and teams of the future.
I’ve been building Adepto with my co-founder Michael for the past 3 years. I’d never had a permanent job till starting Adepto after having always been “gig-ing” with the Global 2000 from back when I was in uni. Seeing the opportunity to help anyone in the world to find the work that suits them, whenever and wherever, and helping organisations deliver more effectively is what gets me up in the morning and it’s been exhilarating (and exhausting) to bring it to life.
What I realized a few months back was that if I was going to take this business to the next level, I needed to bring the platform to life – not only via the technology itself but in the hearts and minds of customers and users. We had a brand and we’d made some noise but that was really only in the Southern Hemisphere. We’re a global company now and we needed something strong, we needed a better presence and website then was currently in place to help tell that story.
So, I bring to you our new brand. What once was this:

Is now

Why? When developing the concept with the team our ‘aha’ was that Adepto is all about putting YOU at the centre. Our goal with the new brand is also to demonstrate that engaging in work is no longer a two dimensional proposition. We’re coming out of the scrappy start-up phase, engaging with global clients and needed to professionalise our image. Lastly, we knew that to build our business, we need to help people understand not only what our ecosystem enables but more generally about the changing nature of work. Check out www.goadepto.com to learn more about how Adepto creates workforce agility enabling you to get a “total” view of your workforce.

In the coming weeks we’ll be starting up our series of educational blogs and we’ll be sharing discussions with industry leaders, clients who are using Adepto to innovate and those thinking about it. If you want to be kept up-to-date with the latest information, opinions and education, please join our newsletter HERE.

Thanks for joining the new way of work with Adepto and for coming back to learn more about where things are going. And give us your feedback, ideas and topics you’d like to learn about. You can tell us on any of our social feeds (@goadepto, #goadepto). Until next time…

– Chris